We’d never thought that it’d be so simple, but—Josh PeckTalking about salaries.
It Drake & JoshAlum who appeared alongside Drake BellRecently, Nickelodeon’s star child actor opened up to the audience about the amount he earns and financial misperceptions that accompany it.
Although I can only share my personal experience, it is clear that it would be quite visible if someone was on such a program. Two and Half MenOr Modern FamilyDear Media’s April 11 Episode, he stated that he was the “kid on the big network, syndicated shows” How to Trade Secrets podcast. You could argue that enough money would be available to support you throughout your entire life.
He said that he thinks there is a misnomer about him and that he was given “golden parachutes.” However, he also stated that the truth is that the show had 60 episodes, with an average of $15,000 per episode. When all was said and done we kind of went after tax collectors, managers, agents.”