Warning: The story contains child pornography.

Amy KingEnraged by the sentencing her cousin received, Josh DuggarHis case regarding child pornography. 

On May 25, nearly six months after the 19 Children and Counting alum was convicted of possessing and receiving child porn, Josh, 34, was sentenced to 151 months in prison—a punishment Amy does not feel is appropriate for his conviction.

Together with his imprisonment sentence Timothy L. Brooks, JudgeCelebHomes News obtained court documents that show Josh received $10,000 from the Western District of Arkansas Federal Court.

The docs state that the ex-TLC Star, now the oldest of the three, is actually the most senior child. Jim BobAnd Michelle DuggarAfter his release from jail, he will go on 20 years of supervised freedom. He will also be subject to a program for sex abusers. Unsupervised contact will be forbidden. He also will be prohibited from using a computer, any internet-connected device or other devices without authorization.