Everything is certain Not quiet on the western front—and Josh BrolinThere’s nothing wrong in that. 

The Oscar nominee stars as Royal Abbott on Prime Video’s Outer Range, a sci-fi western about a rancher fighting for his land and family after discovering a mystery at the edge of Wyoming’s wilderness. Paramount+ has already drawn comparisons to the series. Yellowstone, the tale of the Dutton family starring Kevin Costner that has broken ratings records and breathed new life into the western genre.

Brolin appeared previously in westerns of 2010. True Grit, argued Outer RangeIt is adding layers to the western modern.

Yellowstone was the first—like we were with True Grit—in bringing back the Western, and that’s a great thing,” he told VarietyOn June 21, You feel as if you’re piggybacking on a trend. You feel better if your contribution is unique to the genre.

The shows may share some similarities in aesthetics, but that does not mean they can’t have their own. Brolin stated, “There are no other things than horses and cowboy boots and perhaps warring families in.” Outer RangeThat reminds me of Yellowstone.”