Josh BrolinHe lives the best life possible

In a touching Instagram post, the 53-year-old actor wrote about eight years of sobriety and thanked his wife. Kathryn BoydAs well as those who supported him throughout his journey. Brolin shared a throwback selfie and wrote, “Sobriety, finally, is loving without worrying about how it affects only yourself.”

He said, “Sobriety can be described as a moment when you are able to love and feel the joy it brings another person.” “Sobriety is knowing when to choose between selfishness or integrity.” Sobriety means knowing God is in all things and that everything is made up of every color (or mixture of colors).

Brolin later credited Boyd, who he married in 2016, with being there for his “toughest hours” and “greatest pleasures.”

According to Brolin, his wife celebrated his sobriety milestone today by leaving a sweet note in his truck alongside a photo collage of their children, whom the Dune star said were “created” as a result of his decision to get sober.