Joseph MorganWe are now putting on detective hats. 

The actor, who played Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals, On May 25, a seemingly harmless update was posted by Twitter: “First off, I haven’t been to any TVDU cast for years. At least not in person. This speculation will drive you insane. All these theories are nonsense about hidden codes. We all know Klaus Mikaelson’s death.

You might think it is simple enough. However, look closely.

Each tweet by Joseph starts with a letter. This is especially important for followers of the Vampire Diaries universe: FINALE. It just so happens that the finale to season four of Originals spin-off LegaciesIt will air June 16th!

Joseph replied with a follow-up video after people had started to put the pieces together.

He said, “Leave it alone.” He said, “Everyone is obsessed with hidden messages. All of this is a distraction. Trust me. Do you think that’s possible? It’s possible, I believe. Just for one heartbeat. We can all find peace.

Joseph is proud of his slickness! You’ve likely already figured out that the first letter in every sentence spells the word. LEGACIES.