Technology is currently in the spotlight.

Showtime unveiled the teaser trailer for its series on Monday, January 10. Uber’s Battle for SuperpowersStar – Joseph Gordon-LevittUma Thurman And Kyle Chandler. The anthology series’ first season explores the success of the ride-share app Uber and how its founder and CEO Travis Kalanick He was removed from the top.

The trailer shows Gordon-Levitt as Kalanick, who promises his employees, “Contrary to what you might’ve read—I’m no monster.”

Uma portrays the past. Huffington Post co-founder Ariana Huffington. Huffington calls Kalanick the “notorious, bad boy of technology.” 

However, it soon becomes apparent that having an image of a bad boy is not a good thing for building a company. Chandler’s personality is an example Bill GurleyTravis says, “The best part about Travis is that he will run through walls in order to win.” His biggest problem is that he believes everything is a barrier.