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Netflix adaptation of Jonathan Van Ness‘ podcast Get Curious—an exploration guided by experts into random subjects including insects, beauty standards, gender, food, figure skating and architecture— may haveSimplyHe was dropped but is already planning for another season.

The Queer EyeCelebHomes News: Star admits as much Daily PopOn Monday, January 31, after host Justin SylvesterHe was asked his top two expectations for season 2. 

“Well, I’d just like to say right now ItJonathan replied, “Yes,” “I’m thrilled for, hopefully.ItTo happen, as a second season. “Speak up honey, your lips are to God’s ears!”

However, you should ItJonathan believes that Jonathan’s first destination will be achieved. 

He revealed that he wanted to be an Olympic pingpong player. I want to be a parent. Forrest GumpMoment and like to dive and roll.”

Jonathan would also like to travel more in general for the show.