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Disney Channel Original Movie Fans felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia over the weekend when they saw the cast members. Double teamWe had an exclusive interview. 

Annie McElwainAnd Poppi MonroeThey both made an appearance on the Get back to the good stuff podcast, on which they discussed their 2002 movie, which is gaining a whole new audience now that it’s available to stream on Disney+. 

Annie said, “It is so nice to meet you now,” during the interview. Poppi said, “When you did the thing you were a baby-babe and a young woman on her way. Now you are a grown up version.”

Double teamThis is the story about Heidi and Heather, twins who transferred to a high-end school that was known for its sports program. After they have been accepted on the basketball team at school, their siblings are required to play and compete for the respect of the other players.