Jonathan Bailey is readying the popcorn and soda in anticipation of what is likely to be Eloise’s drama-filled season of Bridgerton.

As the actor behind Anthony Bridgerton, Jonathan understands that a cold exterior is often hiding an internal struggle, making Claudia JessieEloise, a character by’s, is an intriguing one. CelebHomes News exclusive: “I cannot wait to walk Eloise down that aisle because of so many reasons,” said he. Eloise is going to have a greater arc than Anthony in terms of psychological warfare.

Like Anthony, Jonathan thinks Eloise is going to have to “overcome” her innermost fears if she wants to marry—the keyword being “want.”

Bridgerton viewers know that Eloise is keenly opposed to marriage or any traditional relationship as she’s a steadfast feminist. But the series is all about the Bridgerton siblings’ courtships, so Jonathan already expects his on-screen sister to change her mind: “I can’t wait—as a fan—to see that evolution.”

A new showrunner Jess BrownellWho is there to take over? Chris Van Dusen after seasons one and two, follows the path set by Julia Quinn in her novels, Eloise will somehow end up with Phillip Crane, who is married to Penelope Featherington’s cousin, Marina, in the show. Jonathan stated, however that “we’ll just have to wait and watch.”