Although JoJo hasn’t publicly commented on her viral video, Candace posted an Instagram video about the situation, explaining she’s since gotten in touch with JoJo through a mutual friend and they had a “great conservation.” 

Candace claims that JoJo made her the “rudest celebrity” because she met her eight years ago.

“She said, ‘You know, I met you at the Fuller HouseCandace described their meeting as “premiere and I was eleven years old.” “And then we all went on the red carpet. I approached you and asked if I could take a photo with you. and you said to me, ‘Not right now,’ and then you proceeded to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.'”

Candace shared JoJo’s story with her. I did not take a photograph with you. Ugh! I feel crummy, I feel—JoJo, I’m so sorry.”