JoJo Siwa is sharing how being on Dance Moms affected her emotionally and physically.

It Dancing With the StarsAn alum uploaded a TikTok video showing her with a prominent bald spot to the side. On the 26th July video she said, “When someone notices me balding and wonders about where it’s coming from …,”.” The clip then cuts to a sequence of photographs of JoJo in her youth on Lifetime. 

The caption explained how she got the stress rash “on my head” while she was intoxicated. Dance MomsThis led to her having “no more hair here.” 

JoJo answered a question from a user about whether her baldness was due to the tight ponytails she wore. 

“No, it’s actually not from the ponytails, because if it was from my ponytails—considering it went on this side—it would be this,” she said in another video, while pointing to the other side of her head. “When I was young, I experienced a very severe stress rash right there. The Dance MomsAnd I’d eat it every day.”