JoJo SiwaI dance solo.

CelebHomes News is told by a source that the 18-year old influencer and her girlfriend are both from India. Kylie Prew “split weeks ago” after less than a year together.

JoJo revealed she was dating “the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend” in February 2021, less than a month after coming out. JoJo wrote on social media that she became her best friend for over a decade and was now able to call her “my Girlfriend” January 8th 2021. “Since then, I’ve been happier than ever!” 

The Dance Moms alum later introduced Kylie to her followers and shared plenty of photos of the pair taking their love to the Happiest Place on Earth on Disney World dates.

However, JoJo alluded to some of the difficulties posed by their long-distance relationship in April, when it appeared Kylie was living in Florida while the Dancing With the Stars contestant stayed in Los Angeles.

JoJo shared the sad story in a touching selfie. “We just were long distance and we had no choice but to say goodbye today and it was hard,” she said. It happens every time we say goodbye. I wish it didn’t have. But we do. It just makes it better. [times]It’s even more special when we get to say hello to each other.”