Johnny DeppHe isn’t done fighting for his ex Amber Heard in court.

CelebHomes News obtained court records on July 22. Pirates of the Caribbean star filed a notice of appeal seeking to overturn the $2 million verdict awarded to Heard during the couple’s defamation trial.

CelebHomes News was informed by Depp’s representatives that the verdict was overwhelmingly favorable for them. The verdict is clear and Depp feels that both sides can move forward with their lives, as well as heal. However, if Ms. Heard decides to continue litigation and appeal the verdict to the Court of Appeal, Mr. Depp files a concurrent appeal in order to have the complete record and any relevant legal issues considered by that Court.

CelebHomes News has reached out to Heard’s team for comment and has not heard back.

A Virginia jury decided that Depp and Heard were guilty in the defamation trials. It lasted for more than six weeks. This verdict made national headlines all over the world.