John Travolta & Tommy Lee Exchanging a Cookie Recipe Is Internet Gold

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Tommy LeeThe peanut butter chocolate-chip cookie recipe by’s was the best. John Travolta Wanted 

They share baking recipes, no, seriously. In a TikTok clip Mötley Crüe Star shared their star on Wednesday, Nov. 3. The two exchanged messages about the recipe as well as video messages. They marveled at the unexpected way they were spending the night.

The video contained text receipts that read, “Tommy, can you send me the peanut butter Chico chip cookie recipe?” Tommy replied, “Hahahah okay! Tommy replied, “Hahahah! Let’s go look!” topped off with a winky-face emoji. 

John joked that he didn’t know he was Johnny Crocker, and paired him with a photo of his desserts baking in the oven. The precious exchange did not end there. The video shows the exchange. Saturday Night Fever star captured himself enjoying the results of his baking, washed down with a glass of lemonade. 

“Who would have guessed that two superstars would spend Wednesday nights baking cookies and brownies with fresh lemonade?” Grease alum quipped. “Tommy Lee and JT—can’t beat ’em.”