John TravoltaSummer is all about having fun and loving summer.

It Grease star shared a compilation video of moments from his latest vacation to places such as Iceland, Greece, Paris and more with his children Ella?, 22 and Ben11-year-old (who shares his late wife’s home with him). Kelly Preston). His July 27th post was captioned, “Summer vacation for friends and family with a bit more business”

Set to the song “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas, the video starts off with John’s children and some of their pals hopping aboard their private jet—ready for their trip around the world. The clip then cuts to the 68-year-old spending some time in front with the pilot in the ultimate cool dad move.

The group is then shown visiting landmarks in Iceland, including what looks like the Blue Lagoon. Next, they travel to Greece. But not before John takes a selfie video of himself and his daughter on the private jet.