Saget was a funny man, and he could not eulogize him without some jokes. I’ve received thousands of messages, emails, and phone calls from people who have lost their 35-year friendship. They expressed how sorry they were. People have even sent flowers like I lost my wife or something,” Stamos said. It’s funny to consider that when we were together, it was like an older married couple. All bickering and little sex.

Stamos is heavy-handed in the bickering. He also recalls a fight they had while appearing with another friend. The Full HouseCostar Dave Coulier. Stamos apologized after, but Saget didn’t respond for a few days, which “was a long time not to have heard from Bob.”

Saget read him a memorial on Stamos’ 58th birthday, August. “Today is the day that my brother John Stamos was born,” it read in part. It is an understatement to say that we are close brothers. For 35 years, we have shared so many experiences. You share the common experiences with those closest to you in life. What I want to emphasize is just how blessed I am to be able to call John my friend. I have always had John by my side. It was even unbearable for me.”

Stamos stated that he could just “read that every day for my whole life”