So how can one cope with grief? What is the best way to metabolize both individual and collective trauma? She continued. She continued, “How precisely do we find the right people to sit with so that we can move forward?” We talk to our friends, and then we let ourselves have a good time. We can cry while parked cars are parked. We work; we rest. We don’t throw plates to see them fall apart; instead, we use our hands to make things. Write, read and see movies. We love music. You can run or walk or sprint or dance. We can ask for assistance or learn to seek it. We learn or love to love again. 

The fashion and textile history expert then toasted to “all the things we did this year to cope” and to “all we will do next year to heal.”

Anna added, “here we all are, surviving and creating and laughing at tik tok videos. So long 2021. “I will always have a little piece of you, for better or worse.  

She later shared celebratory photos on her Instagram Story of her New Year’s Eve festivities, including a “kiss” at midnight from one adorable dog.  

Meanwhile, her ex John marked the holiday season by spending time with partner Olivia MunnTheir newborn son Malcom She and her family. Olivia shared photos of her mom making bánh bao (stuffed buns) and called her baby boy “adora-bao.”

Below, you can see more New Year’s Eve stars.