John Mayer Jeff RossAre remembering your friend Bob Saget.

Just days after the actor was found dead in a Florida hotel, his pals decided to pick up his car from the Los Angeles International Airport. Ross and Mayer shared their memories with Saget on the ride back. Saget had just finished his stand-up show before his sudden death.

Taking to Instagram Live from the passenger seat of the vehicle as Mayer drove down California’s 405 Interstate on Jan. 12, Ross called Saget the “king of the comedy world” and “our big brother.”

Mayer added, “I have never met a person on the planet who can give as much love to so many people individually and in such a way that makes each person feel that he is a major character in their lives and that they are a major character in mine.”

Saget’s “effusive” and repeatedly expressed love was Mayer’s greatest gift to him. All we have of Saget’s passing is the pain and not the accounting. He stated, “The affairs have been in order because we don’t need to wonder what Bob feels about us.”