There are 19 children and countingStar John David Duggar and his wife Abbie are sharing an update on their health following their plane crash late last year.  

On Jan. 26, it was reported that in October, John was piloting a plane with two other people onboard when it suffered a “double engine failure” and he was forced to land in a field, a 911 dispatcher told People

Now, the couple is speaking out about the accident for the very first time. On Friday, Jan. 28, John and Abbie shared an image of them both happily smiling inside a private plane on their joint Instagram account and captioned the post, “breaking our silence on the plane crash.”

They linked to an interview they did with Celebuzz, where John and Abbie shared that they were both onboard the plane—with their 2-year-old daughter Grace AnnetteDuring the accident.

According to them, “It’s scary for pilots to make an emergency landing or cause a plane accident,” but that is exactly what they are trained for. As a result, we are grateful for God’s protection. We all made it out of this incident without being hurt.