Joe Alwyn is letting everyone know that Taylor SwiftHe was his sole “Lover.”
Hulu’s Nick Conway is the British actor who plays Nick Conway. Conversations with FriendsBased on the eponymous Sally RooneyIn the forthcoming limited series, novel is in an open marriage. However, during a media presentation for the show, Joe confirmed that his character’s polyamorous lifestyle was far from his real life with Taylor. Joe shared, “I believe people can do anything they want to make them happy.” I’m happy with a monogamous marriage. 
He added, “But I think one of the interesting things about Sally’s writings and what she explores is happiness, love, desire, and intimacy outside of those constructs that we create for ourselves, whether that’s friendships or families or relationships. So, I think as a conversation it’s endlessly fascinating, and one of the reasons why people love her books, and our refusal to—without giving things away— tie things up at the end of her stories in a neat bow. This conversation is always thought-provoking.”