Get rid of their heads!

In an CelebHomes exclusive clip, for AMC+’s new original series, Anne BoleynStars Jodie Turner-Smith Her Majesty Queen Anne isn’t afraid to say “no”, even though she may be a queen. The three-part drama premiering Dec. 9 will retell the legendary Queen’s story who is “both an icon and an enigma; branded a witch, a sexual temptress, a calculating opportunist and a traitor,” according to the show’s description.

The clip shows: Thomas Cromwell (Barry Ward(a stateman who served as Henry VIIIThe Queen is asked by the chief minister, “Did the King have the chance to talk with you about the monasteries?”

He says, “All would appreciate a well-constructed plan that can be presented to Parliament and approved by the King quickly.”

The Queen responds, “Yes, Cromwell, I talked to him,” as she and Cromwell watch each other. Jane SeymourA lady in her waiting, stroked a horse. “I’ve got some suggestions for additional revenue.”

Crowell murmurs, “I’m certain you do,” as she steps away.