TV legend Norman Lear is celebrating his most inspiring achievement yet: He is now a centenarian.

Emmy-winning producer and comedy writer, which is known for his success in launching hits ’70s sitcoms. All in the FamilyMaudeA Day at a TimesGood Times The Jeffersons, celebrated his 100th birthday on July 27. He shared an Instagram video of him that his daughter had filmed a day before on July 27th. Kate, one of his six children, in which he reflects on “the miracle of being alive with everything that’s available to us, and me, turning 100 tomorrow.”

He continued, “Do you hear me? Tomorrow is my 100th birthday. It’s just as plausible to me that I am 100 tomorrow as it is today when I turn 99.”

Lear then shared his latest “breakfast thought,” which came with a piece of advice about “living in the moment.” He mused, “Treasure it. You can use it. Sending love.

Lear was honored with much love via social media. Many stars paid their respects.