Three months have passed since the death of an ex-NHL player Jimmy HayesHis widow Kristen HayesIt is now open about how to adapt to the aftermath of tragedy.
During a Q&A session with her social media followers on Nov. 30, Kristen responded to a message shared to her Instagram Stories that read, “I really hope you’re doing okay. Kristen replied, “Grief is a wild ride.” Kristen added that it was beyond terrible. Doing my best. It helps me tremendously to exercise. Also wine. Family + friends. In no particular order.”

Kristen and Jimmy were blessed with two sons during their marriage. BeauThe 2-, 6- and 3-month-olds MacHe died just days after his birthday. Kristen later responded to another message from an Instagram follower who asked her about the “hardest part” of life after losing her husband.

“It’s [lonely],” Kristen responded. The hardest thing for me is not being able speak to him. Just want to see Beau’s face grow and Mac’s. Each time they do something funny or new, I am like Jimmy would be proud of this. It kills me.”