Eve is killedThe latest episode of “The Last Episode” proves that we are made in God’s image.

Some people picture Jesus Christ as a white-robed, bearded man. But it appears that the assassin actually sees him. She herselfThe religious figure. A sneak peek of episode 2, airing on Sunday, March. 6, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) finds God’s only begotten son in her tent—only, he’s wearing thigh-high gold boots, a white robe and a costume halo, as well as impressively applied makeup.

As Villanelle lies on her lap, Villanelle/Jesus Christ/hallucination explains that everyone experiences me differently. “I seem to some like an angel,” Villanelle/Jesus Christ/hallucination says, while sitting on their lap.

Villanelle’s situation is different because Jesus Christ said, “I am you in drag.” Is that clear?

It does, in an odd way. Villanelle, a woman like Villanelle, can only see herself as a more striking and elegant version of God.