Although we are quite far from Hazzard County and its environs, Jessica SimpsonThis IG post by ‘Made for Walking’ shows that these boots still exist.

In an August 4 Instagram photo, the actress at 42 showed off her toned legs. She also channeled Daisy Duke in 2005’s film. The Dukes at Hazzard.

Jessica is wearing jean shorts, which Daisy would approve of, with boots, camouflage shirt and black crossbody bag.

Jessica was a favorite of the comments section, with many praising her look. Another user said, “You look great!” A second user commented, “Legs! This pair can also be used with the fire Emoji.

She shared her caption that her outfit was meant for a trip to “Thriftin’!”

“Wish me luck!” She wrote. “Can’t WAIT to share some of my stories and quick findings when I come home.”

Maybe Jessica bought some other iconic pieces from the past? This isn’t the first time that Jessica, the singer of “With You”, has rocked an old-timer.