Jessica Simpson gives birth to baby No. 3

Nearly three decades later Jessica Simpson welcomed her third child, the details leading up to Birdie Mae JohnsonBirth is not less terrifying. 

We have a brand new interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, the fashion mogul recalled being hospitalized ahead of her daughter’s 2019 arrival and even put on a breathing machine as she struggled with bronchitis. 

“Her oxygen levels were dropping. Simpson said that she couldn’t breath. I weighed 260 pounds. Her baby was very large. “Just take her outside,” we said. But that wasn’t to be little Birdie’s birthday. Simpson was instead Simpson’s youngest child. Eric Johnson arrived via C-section on March 19, 2019. 

The pop singer noted this in 2020 her memoir Open BookShe had been through four rounds of bronchitis. She wrote, “This was kinda the pregnancy from hell.” “When I wasn’t in hospital for bronchitis…I broke a toilet chair leaning back.”

Birdie was “so big,” she wrote, that a C-section was scheduled nearly a month before Simpson’s actual due date. The star had to face many challenges, but it seems like her little girl was worth all the effort. In her memoir, she said that “I’ve fallen in love more with my family seeing them love their Birdie.” She “came at the perfect time”