We dare to say Jessica BieAs a convicted killer, l appears pretty badass in this costume Candy Montgomery.

Photographers captured the actress in a very ‘80s blue dress, oversized glasses and heels as she filmed the upcoming Hulu series Candy Decatur (Ga.) on Tuesday, February 15. 

Biel will portray Montgomery as a devout Methodist housewife who was killed by her best friend. True crime fans cannot wait! Betty GoreWith an axe in June 1980. After starring in, and producing the USA’s “Terrorist” series, Biel is a well-respected storyteller. The SinnerFacebook Watch, and also available here Limetown. Not to mention, she’s an executive producer on the popular Freeform drama It’s a cruel summerThe order for the second season of 2021 was placed for the.

Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss was originally slated to play Montgomery, but in October, it was reported that the star had to drop out because of scheduling conflicts.