It’s not uncommon to experience imposter syndrome.

Jesse WilliamsABC has been closed Grey’s Anatomy in 2021 after playing Jackson Avery for 12 years. His departure from the medical drama was met with sadness from fans who fell in love with the brooding, often shirtless doctor.

Jesse tells us that it was necessary to make the change. New York Times that he felt “increasingly safe, protected, insulated” on the Shonda Rhimes series. 

He explained that he knew as I planned my exit, what the next thing he did would have to be scary. He said, “I had to step out of my comfort zone and go to a completely unknown location.”

This was his challenge for the Broadway revival. Go out with MeTony-winning Tony nominee about a baseball player who emerges from the closet. It’s a totally new game. Grey’sIn which he claims he “not even wore pants in half those scenes.”