Jesse WilliamsMoving forward, the child support payments will decrease.

It Grey’s Anatomy alum’s child support payments will be reduced by more than $30,000, summing up to $6,413 per month in a “temporary” modification, according to court documents obtained by CelebHomes News. The new payment plan will apply to him starting April 15. One-half of his monthly payments are due the 1st and half the 15th respectively.

Jesse initially requested his child support payments to be reduced on March 29, according to court documents obtained by CelebHomes News at the time. After his separation, he was required to continue paying $40,000 in child support per month. Aryn Drake-Lee—with whom he shares Sadie, 8, and Maceo, 6. These two were united in marriage in 2012. They separated five years later. Their divorce was finalized in October 2020. Jesse and Aryn have joint physical custody.

Based on an order from 2018 by a court, he stated that he had previously paid Aryn more than $100,000 monthly in temporary and permanent child support. He said that his previous child support was calculated on income from his prior job. Grey’s residuals, shows he appeared in during the marriage and any smaller acting jobs he did, Jesse added.