Jesse Williams wants a judge to take him out of a child support agreement that is “no longer reasonable.”

CelebHomes News obtained court records from the actor at 41 years old on March 29 and ordered him to pay his ex-wife the amount. Aryn Drake-Lee in 2019, has filed for modification, citing his recent change in income due to his departure from Grey’s Anatomy. Two children were born to the former couple. Sadie8, and Maceo, 6.
Williams explained in the documents, “I request the Court lower the child support to the reasonable amount that I can afford considering the significant decrease in my income” and “The fluctuating nature of mine income.” “I was on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy (“Grey’s“), was our primary source of income throughout the marriage, and it has been for us ever since. No longer am I on Grey’s. “My last appearance was May 20,21.”

Williams announced his resignation from the show in 2012 after 12 years. He was married to Drake-Lee. The two separated five years later and finalized their divorce in October 2020, with both being awarded joint physical custody of the kids.