Jesse PalmerThe joke is on us.

The BachelorJanuary 3, marked the 26th episode’s premiere. It was also the first without an established host. Chris Harrison. Palmer, who is a former Bachelor, appeared poised to assume the role of host for ABC’s hit. In fact, during his introduction, Palmer seemingly poked fun at his predecessor by playfully calling out some of Harrison’s favorite phrases.

“The Bachelor’s Name is Clayton EchardHe said that he was one of the sincerest men to ever be on the show. The Bachelor camera. Clayton’s soulmate. Also, I have spent hours practising saying words like ‘Amazing,’ or even ‘Incredible. Also, ‘Dramatic.’ So maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pull this off.”

Although Palmer did not name Harrison in the joke, it was a subtle nod to Harrison who loved calling each season the “most dramatic ever”.