Triple threat talent can be difficult to find. 

Get a sneak peek during an exclusive event Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, airing Tuesday, Nov. 30, Jessalynn Siwa It is a difficult decision to choose which contestants will sing in the final competition. 

Jess describes Jess’ bias for frontrunner: “She is my star in the dance.” KiyaAccording to the vocal coach, he pointed out some shortcomings in his recording process. Jess weeps as she tries to determine which girls will receive their big break. 

Jess informs the team that “all right, this is the situation”. It was hard. This was almost like an elimination. Now let’s jump to the thrilling part. Dallas. Kiya will be the second verse. The rap will follow. Brooklyn.”

Jess encourages Jess to remind the girls that the good news is for friends, and they are doing a great job.