In the midst of her health woes, Angelina PivarnickLooking forward to brighter days.
It Jersey ShoreStar recently shared that she had been admitted to hospital and posted a video from her hospital bed on Instagram. In an Instagram Story, she posted April 12: “I’m doing not well.” She said, “I must get better. “My health is more important than everything.”
She explained in a post a few days later, “My immune system.” [sic]Due to all of the stress that I have endured over the last few months, my mood has been extremely low. This pain is not something I want to see in the world. This too will pass, and I wish for brighter days ahead.
Angelina said, “Stress can be a serious killer.” “No one can see my pain and understand what I have been through lately.
Angelina said that she is simply looking forward for her recovery. She added, “There is a light at end of the tunnel.” “Soon enough, I will see it. Just waiting for it to happen. Prayers and God have become more important to me than ever. I’m certain that God has great plans for my life.