All-time classic and favorite bands reuniting has become a trend nowadays. Not that this is a bad thing. Alice In Chains is one of those bands that made an imprint on many music enthusiasts. The band still has a place in many people’s music collection. As for Alice In Chains’s original guitarist, Jerry Cantrell, he started getting busy in real estate after the completion of the band’s second comeback album (been out since May 2013). He just recently sold his home in Studio City, CA for $1.45 million, which is a good $200,000 profit from the price Cantrell purchased the place.

Cantrell’s secure party pad was built in 1936 and measures generously at 2,151 sq ft. And when I say “secure,” I mean the entire premises being monitored via cameras and a tall and wide gate that’s similar to the black gate of Mordor in Lord of the Rings. Once you get past the gate though, you’ll be greeted with a seemingly comfortable and homey floor plan of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the rooms can easily serve as a meeting room and game room if the new owner(s) ever wish for those amenities. Other amenities include range, restaurant-style vent, and a big resort-style pool.

In speaking of resort-style, the backyard offers a tremendous amount of space. Perfect for a big rockin’ pool party & BBQ or straight-up cook-out competitions. It’s reported that Jerry relocated back to WA, which is the same state where Alice In Chains was formed.

Address: Unknown

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  1. Jerry did not go back to Washington, he is still in Southern California, somewhere in the Hollywood hills. Would love to see that house .

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