Jennifer Lopez’s Coach Collection Is On Sale For Up to 60% Off

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Jennifer Lopez Her Jennifer Lopez x Coach collection is giving fashion lovers everything that they could ever want.

Pop star is aware that people aren’t always like her. Just sporty or classic, but could be a combination of both. Her second collaboration with Coach Creative Director is why. Stuart VeversIt makes perfect sense.

As J.Lo explains in the exclusive video above, she and the New York fashion house “really believe in the power of being real” and  authentic, two characteristics that shine through in their designs, which were made specially for the Coach Outlet.

Jennifer exclaims that “this collection is so Coach, and so me.” “It’s wearable, and a little bit glamorous—but also sporty. It’s this mix that excites me the most. It’s the raw, unfiltered, unfiltered version of us.

The Maid in ManhattanThe actress says she loves all the pieces but has a soft spot for the C track suit. It’s an outfit she will “wear forever,” she says.