They have an entire house. While Jenelle and David welcomed 4-year-old daughter EnsleyDavid has also a daughter with his wife, Maryssa, with his ex, and Jenelle is mom to two sons, Kaiser7 and Jace, 12, from previous relationships. 

Jenelle stated that “my sons are doing well,” CelebHomes News reported. “Kaiser loves to be fancy and wears uniforms to school. He now wears a blazer every day, which is very cute and humorous.” Jenelle stated that Jace has been “into hunting lately on our land.”  

Jenelle told Jenelle in January that Jace was now living with Jenelle after misbehaving with his mom. Barbara Evans. Soon after she made the announcement, her mother had given Jace back to her. CelebHomes News received Jenelle’s March confirmation that Jenelle was fighting to get full custody. According to Jenelle, Jace was her only contact at that time.