You remember that long-running family comedy show, “Full House?” Of course you do. How could one forget, especially since the writer and producer of the show, Jeff Franklin, is on board to write and produce “Full House Revival.” At least that’s what IMDB has the project listed as. Aside from Full House, Franklin has written and produced many other TV series. He has also dabbled in film production. Jeff’s also dabbling in real estate, with a three story 18,730 sq ft home on the Sunset Strip in Cali.

It’s reported that Franklin collaborated with architect Richard Landry, who’s responsible for working on homes of notorious celebrities such as Michael Bolton, Wayne Gretzky, and Rod Stewart, to build the 4 bed and 8 bath party pad. Yeah, Jeff Franklin knew how to get down too! The property includes an underground 12-car garage, gated entry, rooftop seating, and wide-open views of the city. That would be $30 million for the giant bachelor pad, good sir/madame!

Address: 1302 Collingwood Place, Los Angeles CA 90069