With the highly acclaimed former Cowboy, Deion Sanders, being out of the game for years now, one would try and think what he’s been up to. Well, for starters, he’s been trying to get his hands deeper into acting. In May, 2013, Deion appeared in a comedy film titled White T, which is, indeed, about a T-shirt. After that, he wrote and produced a reality TV series, “Deion’s Family Playbook.” Sanders still serves as the writer and producer, with respect to the series not having info regarding the end or continuation of the series. But, at least he managed to sell his former 82 acre property two months ago.

Sanders reportedly also still owns a very nice condo in Dallas. We could only hope that he sold it for a hefty amount of dough. But hey, lets get back to Deion’s former mansion. It stretches at a whopping 29,122 sq ft, and comes complete with luxuries that you can imagine: basketball court, indoor football field, bowling alley, large theater room, and enough fireplaces to warm up the entire house on a cold wintery night. It’s currently set to be auctioned off on November 18 of this year. Whoever wins the auction will surely be a lucky mug and live the phrase “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

Address: 1280 N Preston Rd, Prosper TX 75078