Jeff Bezos took a break from venturing off into space and his other billionaire hobbies to present an award at the 2021 CelebHomes’s People Choice Awards. You read it correctly.

Bezos, who is the executive chairman of Amazon and one Earth’s richest men, attended the CelebHomes award show to honor People’s Champion recipient Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”,. Specifically, Bezos took to the stage at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif. to introduce the wrestling star-turned-A-list actor.

“Dwayne’s achievements are legend,” the iconic businessman said of his famous friend. He is known for his unwavering work ethic. His appeal transcends all age groups. His personality is infectious and you will find it hard to resist him. This is what I know. Even with all this, what really makes him stand out is his kindness.

Dwayne continued: “Kindness can be a choice. And what I admire the most about Dwayne’s willingness to give unwavering kindness and support everyone around him.” We have all witnessed it many times from those of us that have had the privilege to be able to work alongside Dwayne. The same goes for family, friends and partners as well. It is a legacy that embodies warmth, passion, respect and humor as well as kindness. It’s something that we all need to strive for.