Jeannie had some reservations about showing Monaco off to the public, but she is not afraid to tell everyone what it was like to be a mother. You can see her motherhood in a YouTube video from May 19. The RealThe host shared her story about breastfeeding.

She said, “The past three months I have been all by myself, with my little thoughts, trying to get as much milk outside of my breasts,” and later added that it was “really, really, really frustrating.”

Jeannie said, “You can feel defeated when your baby is hungry. The baby doesn’t get enough food. All these ads and others, as well as Instagram’s amazing photos of breastfeeding moms with their children are everywhere.

Jeannie reflected on sharing her breastfeeding experience to the world and said that it was “first time” she had been able to get to know moms.

Elle added that she wanted to hear from everyone out there, and had so many things to learn.