We have new information about Jean-Marc Vallée‘s passing, days after his sudden death.

He was a beloved director. WildAnd Dallas Buyers ClubThe first season also includes Big Little LiesAccording to his representative, he passed away suddenly on 25 December at his Quebec City cabin. Now, Vallée’s family is sharing what they’ve learned after receiving a preliminary coroner’s report.

In a statement obtained by CelebHomes News, the family explained that while the report “could not establish an exact cause” of Vallée’s death, it does confirm that his passing “was not caused by the intervention of another party, a voluntary act, or a known disease.” The family also indicated that additional in-depth studies are ongoing.

“Our father was a generous man, deeply humanAnd who lived life to its fullest,” Vallée’s sons Alex and Emile shared. He wanted to live long and was actively involved in major projects. His inspiration was inspirational to many. He leaves behind wonderful memories to those who were privileged to have the opportunity to share his passion and appreciate his work.