Jazz JenningsFans will be able to follow her health journey through the new season of I Am Jazz.

TLC released the first glimpse at the unscripted seventh season of its series on Monday, Nov. 1. The footage includes footage of Jazz, 21 years old, candidly talking about her recent binging struggles. At the start of the promo, Jazz recalled her life’s ups and downs since her acceptance to Harvard University.

“Two decades ago, I was on my path to one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, but in reality, I was struggling with severe mental illness,” she voiced. “I started binging, and I gained weight. Now, I am almost 100lbs heavier.

She continued, “Having all the extra weight, it’s impossible for me to do so many of the things I used to love to do with my body.” 

Jazz was also seen arguing with her family about her eating habits. Jazz stated that she has experienced fat-shaming from her family. It makes me feel really humiliated.”