It’s time to take some much-needed rest. Jazz JenningsHarvard will be returning.
TLC’s 21-year-old star, Jazz shared her happy news with TikTok on January 18. Jazz said, “So, Harvard just sent me an email. I am going to investigate it.” Jazz was speaking to the camera before she saw the live celebration results. While reading aloud some parts of her letter, she said “Good news,” before adding, “You are approved to return.” Welcoming to Harvard!
Jazz, a YouTuber, announced that she was going to attend the school in the fall right after her high school graduation. Jazz, however, revealed in October that she was taking a break to be the “strongest” version of herself before she jumped into college.
In a caption on an Instagram photo, she wrote that “It wasn’t an easy choice, but it was the right one for myself.” “These last few years were so busy and full that I realized it was time for me to take some time off and refocus to become the best version of myself.”