It Dune star also took a moment to reflect on his recent Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Desi ArnazIn the Aaron SorkinDrama The Ricardos—and the joy of being nominated alongside his wife, Penélope CruzWho is the best actress in her role? Parallel Mothers.

It is extremely exciting. Very unique. It is quite strange,” he said. It was an amazing morning at home. 

Javier said that he was excited about his nomination until the realization that his wife would also be there. His explanation was that “my name was the first, because the actor went before me.” “I was honored to be nominated. I was happy. But, until my name was called, I held the party. She was like, ‘Come on! This is what you should do! I won’t enjoy anything until you are on it.” 

He said, “And then when her name was up, we celebrated!” 

When Ellen pointed out that Penélope is nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role alongside Nicole KidmanJavier was portrayed by. Lucille Ball in his film, the actor said his heart and mind were “divided,” but that he’s ultimately rooting for his wife. 

He said, “Officially I believe both of them are incredible actresses. But she’s also my wife and we love her.” She’s done a lot of great things. It’s a privilege to have been nominated in Spanish for the second consecutive time. That’s pretty incredible.