Jason Sudeikis is a man of many names, but his real one is actually Daniel.

Interview with the author on Monday, October 18. TodayThe Ted LassoStar confirmed that he was born Daniel Jason Sudeikis. But his father is Daniel Joseph SudeikisIt made things a little more complicated. 

“My mom decided to name me Jason so that we could identify which one she was yelling at,” explained the 46-year old father of two, making some laughs. Al RokerThe Today Crew.

Another little known fact about Jason—or should we say Daniel?—is his uncle, George Wendt, portrayed Norm on Cheers

Family history aside, the actor will appear on Saturday Night LiveHe will return, but this time as the host. He will be back to 30 RockNearly eight years after he had quit his role in the cast, he was able to resume his writing duties on Saturday, October 23. At the 2021 Emmys executive producer Lorne Michaelsshared the news, saying “I’m very happy about this.” [his return]”