Jason OppenheimHe is responding to an armed robbery in his parking lot that occurred just a few minutes ago.

It The Sunset Selling star told TMZ that a suspect pulled a gun on a man in the Oppenheim office parking lot and asked for his watch.

CelebHomes News was informed by the LA County Sheriff that an armed robbery occurred in a Sunset Blvd. parking lot. Thursday, March 17 The suspect is still being sought by investigators.

Jason now wants to take steps to ensure the safety of his colleagues and himself. 

Jason stated that he was concerned for all our safety in a statement to CelebHomes News. Jason also said, “The brazen armed Robberies and overall criminality in this city have become a serious concern”

He said that in light of the armed robbery in their parking lot, “Several of us—including my brother and I—are feeling it necessary to arm ourselves, as well as increase security at the office.”