CelebHomes News was informed by a source that Christine is leaving, on August 17. Selling SunsetThe show aired her five-season run. An insider claimed that the decision to leave was mutual. She is no longer involved in many cast roles.

What is Christine doing? Christine with her husband Christian DumontetRealOpen was their first brokerage. A source told us that the woman also plans to concentrate on fashion.

Jason stated that Christine and he are still close friends, and that they wish her all the best. 

When asked if he was agreeing with her decision to leave, he replied, “You know, my agent always follows my lead.” I always encourage them to make the best decisions for their own good. Her decision to start her own business is something I support. Any agent making a professional decision would not be questioned by me. Their decisions are theirs to make. While I will advise and help, I won’t be upset if anyone leaves. Sincerely, Christine deserves the best. If she believes that, then I will support her.