Jason MomoaThis weekend, Topanga’s car accident left the victim in good health.

According to a collision report from California Highway Patrol obtained by KTLA, the incident occurred on Old Topanga Road around 11:00 a.m. July 24. According to the Los Angeles News outlet, a motorcyclist aged 21 was involved in the accident. Vitaliy AvagimyanAvagimyan, who was riding his bike at the time, crossed the street and “directly” into Momoa’s path. This resulted in Avagimyan being “thrown from his motorcycle.” 

According to KTLA, again citing the report, Momoa, 42, flagged down a driver passing by to call 911 and helped Avagimyan until an ambulance arrived to transport Avagimyan to Northridge Hospital in Northridge, Calif. for “minor, non-life threatening injuries.” The actor was uninjured, according to the news media.

CelebHomes News reached California Highway Patrol’s representative for comment, but they have not yet heard back.