A source close to Sam told CelebHomes News that “Britney expressed she’s a bit shaken up after the incident. Alexander was granted a temporary restraining injunction by the newlyweds. He is due to appear before a judge next week.

“We got the call from Ventura County, that he was in their custody,” the Napa County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told CelebHomes News. It automatically shows that the warrant is active in Napa County. We were asked if we would pick him up, or if he should be released. At this point, it is clear that the plan remains to transport him to Napa County. There is no date yet. He must first address the issues with Ventura County.

A Napa County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told CelebHomes News that in August 2015, Alexander moved into a bedroom that a woman was renting out. Alexander was confronted by her a month later when she claimed that she had stolen a $2,000 diamond and sapphire bracelet. Alexander moved on to another residence.