Showering is very important. It’s been the standard of being sanitary and clean for decades. Unless, of course, you happen to have an encounter with a serial killer or someone that’s mentally not all there (and has a knife) while taking a shower. Janet Leigh, the woman who can be seen taking a shower in one of the most classic thrilling films of the 60’s and giving off an authentic scream, left behind a lavishing two-story 4 bed and 4.5 bath house in no place other than 90210. Just like her performance in Psycho, the whopping 5,180 sq ft residency ended up being a masterful art piece.

The house was built in 1976 and stands nice and tall and white within the 0.57 acre property, but not tall enough for it to be detected. Surrounding tree life and backyard give off a sense of privacy and serenity. For $6.950 million, the buyer gets full access to a full authentic tennis court, along with renovations done by the current owner: personal gym, pool house, and more of an opened floor plan for increased versatility. Other amenities include huge walk-in closet, fireplace, detached office, personal swimming pool, and patio that offers a full broad beautiful view of the downtown area.

Address: 1625 Summitridge Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210